14 June 2012

Latest MacBook Pro "unfixable"

Apple has for a long time said that any repairs and upgrades to notebooks must be done by Apple or by authorised services providers. Now they have taken this even further.

Research firm iFixit says that in the latest MacBook it is impossible to change the battery pack, power supply and display as they were fused into the laptop's casing.

Also, with the way the motherboard was designed the on-board memory and solid state drive were impossible to replace and other components were fixed with a proprietary type of screw.

iFixit has given the Macbook Pro a "fixability" rating of 1/10!

13 June 2012

Facebook "Dislike" button is a scam

A new Facebook app is spreading like wildfire. The “Dislike” button app is a scam and will open you up to all sorts of viruses.

Clicking on the app request will run code on your computer leaving you open to viruses and may allow unauthorised access to your profile. It will also send an app request to you friends, in the hope they will click the link.

If you have clicked the link you can get in contact with us and we shall remove any viruses that have installed themselves on your computer.

LinkedIn and Last.fm Hacked

Earlier last week it was revealed that up to 6.5 million LinkedIn member’s passwords had been "compromised". The encrypted passwords were posted to a Russian web forum, along with an invitation to help in decrypting them.

Also, Last.fm suffered a secutiry breach, where "some" of their member's passwords had been stolen.

These security breaches highlight the necessity to have different passwords for each website

It is highly advisable to login to LinkedIn and Last.fm and change your password.

12 July 2011

Top Ten Tips For Keeping Your Computer Virus Free

  1. Install reliable antivirus software
    There are many free ones like Free AVG, Comodo Antivirus or avast!. AVG is one of the best in terms of usability, if you use POP email with Outlook, Thunderbird or Windows Mail then it will scan all emails and attachments. Comodo does not scan POP email, but if you do open an attachment it will scan the file and block it, if it contains/is a virus or Trojan.

  2. Update your antivirus software
    Antivirus software can only detect viruses it knows about. If the AV software has not been updated then any new virus or Trojan that has been written since the last update will not be detected and can infect your computer.

  3. Start your AV software automatically when you turn your computer on
    Configure your antivirus software to start when you boot into Windows and do not close it...EVER! That way it will always scan files and attachments when you open them

  4. Scan files that have not come from your computer
    If you are given a USB key drive or external hard drive or CD/DVD scan the whole thing before you open any file. If the USB drive is yours and you lent it to someone, scan it when you get it back. The person who you lent it to may have a virus. If you have put a USB drive into another computer scan it when you return to your computer.

  5. Scan your email
    If your AV software can scan POP email then configure it to do so. Any viruses will be removed so you won't be able to open them. If you use web based email (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc) make sure it scans your email for viruses and Trojans.

  6. Schedule a weekly computer scan
    Scan your entire computer weekly. This is easy to setup in Free AVG or Comodo. When the scan starts, don't stop it because it is slowing your computer and you can't work. Go and do something else whilst it scans, you can change the scan day/time to a time when you don't use the computer but it is on.

  7. Don't open attachments automatically
    Don't have attachments automatically opened by your email software, this will ensure they are scanned by the AV software first.

  8. Don't download files from unknown places
    Be very wary of what you download and from where! If you have been directed to a site you have never heard of to download something, back away and go somewhere else. This includes games, screensavers and freeware software. These are common places virus writers put their viruses. Another place were viruses are often put is in cracked software. Not only is it illegal to use, but you could end up with a computer that is littered with viruses and Trojans.

  9. Keep Windows up to date
    Make sure you run Window update once a month to pick up the latest update from Microsoft. This will ensure that you get fixes for Windows security problems. Very often viruses and Trojans spread by exploiting security problems with Windows, if you plug the security holes by doing regular Windows Updates, then there are fewer ways viruses can infect your computer.

  10. Use common sense
    If you receive an attachment or a link in your email, don't open it if it is from someone you have never heard of. If it has come from someone you know, still be wary...viruses spread by sending themselves to every email address it can find on the infected computer. If in any doubt email the person who sent you the attachment or link and confirm they did send it to you and it is safe to open.

If you do get infected with a virus, give us a call and we'll remove it. We don't need to be sitting in front of the computer to do this, we can do it remotely!

20 June 2011

Top Tip - Keyboard Shortcuts 1

The Windows key is the key on your keyboard with the Windows "flag". It looks similar to this:
  • In Windows Explorer if you have a file selected Ctrl + c will copy that file to the Clipboard. Ctrl + v will paste it to whatever folder you go to. Ctrl + x followed by Ctrl + v will move the file.

2 April 2011

Review from Freeindex.com

Great IT Support. I was recommended to use SoHo Computer Doctors by a friend and was impressed with their level of IT support. They always come quickly and sort out the problems I have with my laptops. They also give them a good clean out making them run as fast as possible every quarter or so & the speed difference is amazing!! I have recommended them to my friends too.

Athena Zographos

30 March 2011

Review from Freeindex.com

Soho Computer Doctors has helped me so much with my email setup and management. They also check over my computers regularly and provide me with computer support. Great value for money. Thank you

Robin Chapman

18 March 2011

Review from Freeindex.com

Soho Computer Doctors provide my company with monthly contracted IT support. They are always very prompt in answering queries and resolving any problems we have with the servers, email and desktop computers.

Harley - Owner of Coach House Rentals Ltd
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16 March 2011

Testimonial from Rapid Dissolve Technologies Ltd

SoHo Computer Doctors have been providing our business IT support for us since the end of 2003. Up until mid ‘05 we had no centralised fileserver, email system or backup policy. SoHoCD advised us what hardware and software to get and put it all together. Since then we have had a monthly IT support contract covering the server, which is still going strong, and the 6 desktops. All of the IT support has been by remote access. Whenever we have had any issues with the server or desktops, SoHoCD have been quick to respond and have been able to resolve the problem. They have also been doing all the edits we need on our websites.

Nick Jacob
Director, Rapid Dissolve Technologies Ltd
Director, Koru Energy Ltd
On going services provided from December 2003

4 February 2011

Testimonial from Melville and Tamara Haggard

SoHo Computer Doctors have continued to be available at short notice and provide timely and cost computer support. Specifically, the migration of all our data and files from one, old computer to a new one, a cheap backup solution and the successful installation of wireless broadband. SoHoCD provides a courteous and highly efficient IT support service.

Melville and Tamara Haggard
Services provided from September 2002

3 February 2011

Refer a friend and you both get a £10 gift voucher

We have now introduced a "Refer a friend" scheme. If you know someone who needs IT support and they're not a previous customer of ours, you can refer them to us and so long as they spend £60 (2 hours work) with us on our first visit, you both get a £10 gift voucher from Argos, Zavvi, HMV, Amazon or Apple's iTunes store. You don't have to have a voucher from the same place.

More information on our "refer a friend" scheme.

7 August 2010

Testimonial from Lisa Beslity

We discovered SoHo Computer Doctors through a friend of ours 4 years ago. Since then, they have continued to provide an invaluable IT support service for our family. They setup our secure wireless broadband, to which my 2 laptops and my daughter's Apple Mac connect to. Just recently I wanted to have a wireless printer in the house and they advised what to get and configured it to connect to the wireless network. I get them in on a monthly basis to do a clean up, make sure the laptops are running smoothly and that there are no viruses or spyware.

A great IT support service by smart and friendly professionals!! Thank you.

Lisa Beslity
On going services provided from February 2003

26 June 2010

Special Offer exclusive to GWE Business West members

Since being a member of the GWE Business West Chambers of Commerce, we are discounting our IT support services offering a 25% discount on all first visits to other members. That's £22.50⁄hour instead of £30⁄hour for any of our IT support services.

More information on our GWE Business West offer

15 April 2009

Testimonial from Charles Short

When we had a problem with our computer last year a friend recommended that we get SoHo Computer Doctors to have a look at it. The problem was resolved quickly and we have always used them for our IT support.

When we moved home they were the natural choice to install and setup the wireless broadband. All I had to was order the broadband from BT and when the equipment arrived, SoHoCD did the rest.

Charles Short
On going services provided from August 2005

27 October 2008

Testimonial from Rosie Hessey

Very little tends to go wrong with our computer, but when we need IT support, I always give SoHo Computer Doctors a call. They have always been prompt, and are able to work out what's wrong and fix the problem quickly. Thanks.

Rosie Hessey

3 September 2007

Testimonial from Roger Lawson

SoHo Computer Doctors continue to be an enormous help following my decision to set up a "home office" a couple of years ago. They were able to discuss my likely needs and interpret the sales literature, help specify the appropriate equipment and talk me though the benefits of broadband vs regular telephone connection. They then helped with the installation of the equipment and familiarisation of the software packages.
They now visit every three months or so to ensure windows updates, spam filters, remote access and other add ons are operational.
A cheerful, reliable, personal IT support service and peace of mind too.

Roger Lawson FCA
Services provided from March 2004

29 June 2007


We were recommended SoHo Computer Doctors as our IT support company by a friend of mine. They come in once a week to make sure that our office network, computers and printers work smoothly. We also have a server that needs to get backed up everyday and they ensure that that happens.
A very prompt and dedicated service.

Alice de Maré
Vice President, Programming
On going services provided from August 2005